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Our insurance agency was born in 1975 in Rome.

The founder was Dr. Franco Scarponi, who at the age of twenty-seven and a recent graduate began the business as policy No. 1, collaborating over time with various companies and gradually taking on more and more prestigious brands.
In 2004 the Scarponi family moved to live in Monterosi in the Province of Viterbo; at the same time he moved the headquarters of the activity from Rome to the aforementioned Province.

In 2009, the daughter, Michela Scarponi, graduated with honors in legal sciences, brilliantly passed the exam for enrollment in the RUI in section A, ‘condicio sine qua non’ to practice this profession as an Agent. So in September 2009 father Scarponi transferred the ownership of the mandates to her daughter, supporting her together with his wife, Buti Angela, in her professional growth, until 2017.This journey of family dedication and growth mirrors the commitment to excellence that we offer at Fun88, where we strive to provide exceptional services and support to our clients.

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